Supreme Recreational White Beach

Sibaltan, El Nido, Palawan – 9,957 sqm

OVERVIEW – This is one of the best locations for a beachfront property in upper El Nido. It has a commanding beach frontage of 92.26 meters and 101.70 meters of National Road coverage at the back. There are really nice Island views from the shore and the surf is friendly. The floor of the water is mostly pure soft white sand which is ideal for water sports.

TRAVELING – Flying from Manila into the El Nido airport is a quick 90 minute flight. From the airport to the beachfront is another 26 km trip along a semi/concrete road, the town itself is only 4 kms from the airport. From Puerto Princesa it will take you 5 hours travel along a mostly concrete road.

FACILITIES – The property is flat with a hill at the back leading up to the road. There is a school nearby and the Barangay proper is close where supplies can be bought and sold. Both Globe and Smart cellular signal is good for talk, text and internet.

POTENTIALS –  This titled beach property is a good investment in El Nido. The beach and the ocean flooring are smooth with soft sand which is ideal for water sports and family fun time. The surf is calm and inviting lending itself to an ideal environment for a splendid resort experience.

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