Travel El Nido and marvel at its shores!

El Nido is a real one-of-a-kind investment and development destination filled with unique landscapes and hidden adventures. Investors and developers will find an abundant of exotic property for sale throughout this Palawan Township. It will continue to possess top potential as the center of tourism in Palawan. The surrounding ocean is abundant with exotic life and soon to be cherished memories from all who visit its shores.

El Nido was independently founded in 1916 under the name Bacuit. In 1954 the name was changed to its present-day El Nido which gives reference to the bird nests which have been coveted for millennium as a delicacy by the Spanish back in 1800’s and the Chinese before them all the way back to 1225 BC.

The road network around this township is ongoing for complete concrete completion this year. There are 18 neighborhood barangay zones in EL Nido and a functioning airport with flights from Manila. There is also a seaport in upper El Nido that will be the hub for import and export of goods and shipment of people travelling throughout the Philippines as Palawan gains more desirability as an independent region of the Philippines. Infrastructure projects and new township proposals are currently being planned for this emerging Township.

Real Estate in El Nido is within the reaches of most people who are in search for an exotic piece of land with good future investment potential. El Nido is highly recommended because of its environmental reputation and repeat customer satisfaction. With excellent beach properties for sale on the West and East coast, it is understandable why Investors have favored this destination to reach their investment and development objectives.

You have come to the right place to find that ideal beach, island, leisure farm and residential development land that you have in mind for your investment here in El Nido.

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